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[Китай]C.V.JOINT-Junta Homocineticas

YUHUAN HUMBM MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD. Which is main produce c.v.joint(Junta homocineticas) trizeta homocineticas tripod joint 1.Good quality 2.Nice and strong packing. 3.We can develop the new item according to sample or drawing 4.We can make your brand after authorize letter 5.Competitive price .[...]


[Китай]ignition coils

Replaces: VW 867905104B, 547905104 BOSCH 0221601006, 0221601007 LUCAS DLB708 FPH ELMOTOR 98006201 INDUMAG TRM104C VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 92-97 VW JETTA (SUDAMERIKA ME) 92-97 GOLF(SUDAMERIKA MEXICO) 92-97[...]


[Индия]Water and Oil pumps

A very highly critical component which is used for conveying of oil / water to the engine during operation and keep the temperature low. They are pinion and pulley types, works in parallel with engines. It should have free movement / smooth operation of fan, shafts, pulleys and belts.[...]



Valve are made from steel (bimetal, magnetic and non magnetic), valve stem are chrome plated to increase wear resistance and seat are stellited (seat hard forced) to get high hot hardness.[...]


[Индия]Valve seats

These are made from centrifugal cast process and fitted on the head to protect leakage steam during operation.[...]


[Китай]clutch cover

Our clutch cover production flowing water line with advanced examination equipments and our each employee of strict earnest the attitude provides to guarantee for the quantity of the product. Our economic power is strong, the equipments is well-found, the product technique development ability is stronger, having the CAD design a CAM the manufacturing the system and examining the system.Technique development center with the development speed of every month 10-15 kinds of new products, can make the[...]


[Китай]clutch disc

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of clutch disc and it is also a producing, sales, and serving corporation. Our products are sold in the main of international market. The products exported abroad take up 90% of the total .At present, there are more than 500 specifications of products, mainly exported to countries of Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, etc. Our products are available for car models such as MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, FORD, OPEL, VOLVO, VOLKSVAGEN, AUDI, TOTOTA, NISSAN,[...]


[Китай]Brake Lining

Over 500 kinds models of asbestos and non-asbestos brake linings. Products conformed in the standards of ISO9001. Just some items are listed. Please send your specific inquiry to us. WVA BFMC MINTYE DIMENSION DRUMDIAM APPLICATION 10030 VN/2/1 VW030-01 30×4.8×234 230 Volkswagen 10125 OP/24/1 OP028-01 28×5×195 200 Opel 10186 VN/15/1 VW030-02 30×5×168 Volkswagen 11057 MO/33/1 LY031-02 31×4.8×163 178 Leyland 11109 MO/41/1[...]


[Китай]Brake Pads

Features: 1) materials: Semi-metal, asbestos free 2) no noise 3) no dust 4) less fade 5) life: More than 30,000km distance 6) stable 7) various specifications according to customers' requirements 8)high effect in braking 9) OEM order are welcome.[...]


[Китай]Света двери лазера логоса автомобиля VW СИД

Лазерные лучи логоса автомобиля СИД 1 комплект включают: 2 светильника СИД (вышл и выпрямите) и сверло. Сила выхода: 3W (каждый шарик СИД), супер пылезащитное & водоустойчивый. Размер тени светлый: 6x2.2CM, малое и чувствительное Диаметр гайки: 2.8CM (вы как[...]