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Страна: Польша
Район: Mazovia
Город: Michałowice k/Warszawy
Улица: Al. Jerozolimskie 261
Телефон: +48 022 7239290
Факс: +48 022 7239380
Firm Rank: star


Страна: Польша
Район: Silesia
Город: Zabrze
Улица: Szybowa 2
Телефон: +48 0 602280925
Firm Rank: star

Еврофирма MPM Productivity Management more

Страна: Польша
Район: Greater Poland
Город: Poznań
Улица: ul. Zagrodnicza 20
Телефон: +48 61 8209267
Факс: +48 61 8209464
Firm Rank: star

Еврофирма YACHTMETAL more

Страна: Польша
Район: Greater Poland
Город: Pleszew
Улица: Sporna 11a
Телефон: +48 62 742 00 68
Факс: +48 62 742 00 69
Firm Rank: star
logoYachtmetal company has been fouded in the year 1986 by Andrzej Parzysz together with his son Jacek they bulid steel sailing ship and motorboats. We have bulit such yachts as: Vilya - 15,5m, two yachts Antarktik - 15m, designed by Mr Juliusz Strawiński L12 - 12m designed by Mr Ryszard Langer. two mats yacht Bruceo designed Bruce Roberts. Motorboat Euro1200 - 12m also desingned by Mr Bruce Roberts. We are going towide the offer of our company by next motorboats: Euro1000- 10m, Euro1400 -14m. Yachts[...]

Еврофирма Albertina Polska more

Страна: Польша
Район: Lower Silesia
Город: Wrocław
Улица: Sycowska 48
Телефон: +48 71 3500886
Факс: +48 71 3500894
Firm Rank: star

Еврофирма Wenzhou Hengyue Seal Corp more

Страна: Китай
Район: Китай
Город: Wenzhou
Улица: Longwan Zone
Телефон: +86 577 86629816
Факс: +86 577 86629815
Firm Rank: star
Wenzhou Hengyue Seal Co ., Ltd, whose predecessor is Wenzhou Xingfa Seal Co ., Ltd, located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province of China,was established in 1996. With our effort of many years, our company is becoming the leader in China mainland, owning 2000 sqm of standard building, more than 30 devices and over 100 staff. Hengyue SEAL has a strong team of experienced designers and production technicians. We have successfully developed 7series and more than 100 types of security seals, which[...]

Еврофирма PHU FIDES Spółka z o.o. more

Страна: Польша
Район: Lubusz
Город: Świebodzin
Улица: Osiedle Łużyckie 39 k
Телефон: +48 68 4752828
Факс: +48 68 4752828
Firm Rank: star
Programs producer: Finance and Accounting, Invoicing, Fixed Assets, Income and Expenses Book, Low value fixed assets, Intangible and Legal Assets, Materials Management, Wholesale Business, Payroll with Human Resources, Land Register, Workshop Register, The Book of the Shares and breeding programs: a cow Farm, Biological Progress Fund, The Book of Bees, The Book of Animal Fur, An Assessment of the apiaries. The programs are an integral entirety, enabling the exchange of information among themselves,[...]

Еврофирма Wózki widłowe Mariusz Jakubowski more

Страна: Польша
Район: Lesser Poland
Город: Andrychów
Улица: Krakowska 160d
Телефон: +48 33 609551780
Firm Rank: star