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Tri-K Company Limited more

Страна: Гана
Район: Гана
Город: Abbose-Okai
Улица: P.O. Box 327
Телефон: +233 20 6659270
Firm Rank: 0
Tri-K Company limited was established November 1999, set up by Mr. Eric Koffi Rivers as the Managing Director alongside some private investors. Tri-K Company is incorporated in Ghana, West Africa, which is also its country of operation. The Company runs a mining operation located in Wasa-Kropon (Western Region), so in addition to producing its own AU metals, we also have a close union with local small scale miners from whom we purchase from, offering a very competitive price. The Company[...]

Paulmech & Co Motors more

Страна: Гана
Район: Гана
Город: Accra
Улица: Tema,Madina
Телефон: +233 24 4405087
Факс: +44 7092885876
Firm Rank: 0
AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY MASTER.SELLS,ASSEMBLES,REPAIRS, We specialize in the following variety of vehicle’s Car Body Repairs Brake & Clutch Service Car Services Commercial Vehicle Repairs Exhaust Systems Repairs Services Automobile Spare Parts delivery Car Spare Parts & Accessories Towing Transport Services. BENZ, BMW, OPEL etc TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA etc KIA, HYUNDAI etc We have prompt recovery of vehicle service in case of break down in town. We also use the barest[...]