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Cumiana Gomme more

Страна: Италия
Район: Италия
Город: Cumiana
Улица: via Torino 54
Телефон: +39 0121 9070421
Факс: +39 0121 4469923
Firm Rank: 0
We're leading company located in North Italy 200 km from French and Swiss border. Our warehouses are well connected with the main seaport of Genova. We have our own shops as well we distribute brand like Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Uniroyal, Pirelli, Bridgestone and meny other. We've big stock warehouses of PCR, UHP, LTR, OTR, TBR and motorcycle tyres.[...]

Kingas more

Страна: Италия
Район: Италия
Город: Zibido San Giacomo
Улица: 1che Guevara st
Телефон: +39 02 90002909
Факс: +39 02 90002909
Firm Rank: 0
We are italian producers of LPG CNG sequential system kit convertion. All our product are omologated approved in Europe R67/ECER110 conform to euro 3 and 4 and tested till 5200cc. More then 40 years experience in the LPG CNG kit convertions give as result a product with the newest technology,competitive prices and easy to install and to calibrate with a special software[...]

AUTEX s.r.l. more

Страна: Италия
Район: Италия
Город: Padova
Улица: Via S.Salvatore, 37
Телефон: +39 049 8705185
Факс: +39 049 8700507
Firm Rank: 0
AUTEX manufactures all electric and air brake systems for trucks and trailers. Coils with PUR sheath for 24N & 24S 7 pole connections with moulded plugs. ABS 5 pole & EBS 7 pole coils. Double adapter for 15 pole connections. Airbrake coils PA 12 and the new PUR coils with TuV test approval. The Company policy is also to customize the products, following clients needs.[...]