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Primus Rent A Car more

Страна: Румыния
Район: Румыния
Город: Bucharest
Улица: 33, Cluj street, sector 1,
Телефон: +40 21 2306196
Firm Rank: 0
Primus rent a car is a car hire Bucharest organization in Romania which provides your travel trip to Romania with on the internet booking program according to your price range money with high convenience vehicles and choose up & provide any where in Romania. To accomplish your desire trip into the historical and historical cities and places of Romania. You can take an benefits of choosing a Romania car hire service that offer you an ideal trip to get out of the town, and come back to historical[...]

SC GESI srl more

Страна: Румыния
Район: Румыния
Город: Simleul Silvaniei
Улица: Partizanilor b8/17
Телефон: +40 746 184389
Факс: +40 260 629226
Firm Rank: 0
We are one company which intermediate and reseale more tips of product for Romanian market please contact here[...]


Страна: Румыния
Район: Румыния
Город: Bucuresti
Улица: Calea Victoriei 224, bl. D5, sc. 1, et. 10, ap. 38
Телефон: +40 21 3104069
Факс: +40 21 3140725
Firm Rank: 0
Reva Romania srl was founded in 2003 with the main aim of promoting alternative auto/motor technologies. Based on the fact that soon the petrol resources of the planet will be exhausted and the people will strongly acknowledge the advantages of the alternative technologies, Reva Romania srl decided to explore the world of pollution free vehicles by supplying the Romanians with the sole EV (series production) worldwide available, REVA. Which ones are the advantages of EV technologies? First of all,[...]