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Alqudra Holding Company - Libya more

Страна: Либия
Район: Либия
Город: Misurata
Улица: Aljamaa alaaly buildings
Телефон: +218 51 2622623
Факс: +218 51 2622124
Firm Rank: 0
Our group first founded 1998 starting by 2 companies (Misurata Native Company for Marine Investments & Aalem Almalboosat for importing garments and leather products), After that other sister companies have been established one after another, Now our organization unites a group of prosperous Libyan companies 1- Misurata Native Company for Marine Investments. 2- Adwa Libya for home appliances. 3- Aalem Almalboosat for Garments & leather products. 4- Alhadaf for stationery & toys. 5-[...]