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H.L.F. Ltd. more [английский] [русский]

Страна: Чехия
Район: Чехия
Город: Hajnice
Улица: Hajnice 127
Телефон: +420 499 393801
Факс: +420 499 393105
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Компания H.L.F. является производителем деталей и готовых изделий для автомобильной и электротехнической промышленности. Выпускаем переключатели для автомобилей в широкой шкале. Металлические детали, провода, кабельные жгуты и монтажные работы с изделиями проводятся прямо[...]

KorCo+ s.r.o. more

Страна: Чехия
Район: Чехия
Город: Liberec
Улица: Řeznická 7
Телефон: +420 739 400025
Факс: +420 739 400025
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Glass and Bijouterie Print E-mail Following many years in the glass and bijouterie industry with a global span, we are engaged in trade at international level. In recent time we are working on an implemetation of large scaled projects with producers from India and China. Among our quality services belongs: consultancy,technical and technological assistance in the glass a bijouterie semi finished product production,based on the long term experiences from the Czech glass and[...]

VOP Group GmbH more

Страна: Чехия
Район: Чехия
Город: Český Těšín
Улица: Lipova 1128
Телефон: +420 588 765230
Факс: +420 588 711163
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VOP GROUP Co. founded April the 9th 1997. The company continuously build on the activities of Military repair items of the company VOP 065, Český Těšín, a state enterprise, the entire property and know-how took over on December the 12th 1997. VOP GROUP introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001:1991 and ISO 9001:2000 that since 2001 and 14001:1996 that since 2004. We intend to continue to expand the range and in particular to improve the quality of our services in[...]


Страна: Чехия
Район: Чехия
Город: Most
Улица: Brnenska 248
Телефон: +420 476 123878
Факс: +420 476 123333
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Our company has been on the motorcycle clothing market for 11 years now; we manufacture clothing from textiles, particularly waterproof jackets and trousers for all types of sports. We also manufacture clothing to measure according to the customer's wishes and also trousers, jackets and overalls made from leather. At the customers request we can embroider logos. We also make leather logos and pictures on leather overalls. We manufacture the clothing from various types of material according to requirements[...]

5 Continents Industries a.s. more

Страна: Чехия
Район: Чехия
Город: Praha
Улица: Vaclavske namesti 66
Телефон: +420 296 348826
Факс: +420 222 211327
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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you 5 Continents Industries a.s. a leading importer and exporter of European auto parts in the world. 5 Continents Ind. a.s. has been just incorporated in the Czech Republic as a consolidation center, although with many locations around the world we are developing a strong global presence. In the past few years we have experienced significant growth and have become a driving force in the industry with the addition of our European branch in the Czech Republic.[...]