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Itchi Part Israel Ltd more

Страна: Израиль
Район: Израиль
Город: Tel Aviv
Улица: Begin 66
Телефон: +972 577 265273
Факс: +972 3 5493010
Firm Rank: 0
Importing from over 25 different suppliers in Asia (Japan, Korea, Malasya) and West Europe (France and Germany), ITCHIMOTO ISRAEL LTD is Israel's leading company in the automotive market, followed only by Monhite&Sons company (which is still far, far behind). Furthermore, ITCHIMOTO ISRAEL LTD is an agent of the two leading car insurance companies in Israel. ITCHIMOTO ISRAEL LTD is known all over Israel not only for its best quality and prices, but for its warm service as well. ITCHIMOTO[...]