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add4you Consult GmbH more

Страна: Австрия
Район: Niederoesterreich
Город: Eichgraben
Улица: Distelweg 4
Телефон: +43 2773 46980
Firm Rank: 0

New Generation BIO / Renner more

Страна: Австрия
Район: Oberoesterreich
Город: Burgkirchen
Улица: Kaltenhausen 1
Телефон: +43 7724 502900
Факс: +43 7724 5029020
Firm Rank: 0
After many years of intensive research on the field of invisible energies the Company New Generation BIO is able to change molecular structures in a new and secret, but measurable way. This enables the company to develop many different applications in a very short time.[...]