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Aquinea more

Страна: Франция
Район: Франция
Город: Pompertuzat
Улица: 30 Route de Belberaud – 31450 Pompertuzat – France
Телефон: +33 534 660000
Факс: +33 957 778338
Firm Rank: 0
AQUINEA est une société spécialisée dans les énergies renouvelables et la mobilité durable. La société fournit des solutions de chauffage à haute efficacité pour les individus et les communautés. Cette société propose également des produits tels que les pompes de piscine de chaleur, systèmes de traitement de l'eau et l'éclairage et beaucoup plus.[...]

UPSI more

Страна: Франция
Район: Франция
Город: Champigny Sur Narne
Улица: 951 Rue Marcel Paul
Телефон: +33 1 45161820
Факс: +33 1 45161829
Firm Rank: 0
UPSI, manufactures and sells humidity and temperature sensors and measuring electronic systems, designed by the SPSI, research and development laboratories, specialised for 30 years in physical quantities measurement. The company capacitive technologies researches and development have been successfully employed in specific civilians and militaries applications for fifteen years, where others market products accuracy and reliability could not meet the requirements. During the last years these reliability[...]

SESP more

Страна: Франция
Район: Франция
Город: Aubervilliers
Улица: 100, rue Henri Barbusse
Телефон: +33 6 03455690
Факс: +33 6 03455690
Firm Rank: 0
SESP LTD has been designing and manufacturing top quality professional electronic products for the security market since 1986. Specializing since 1997 in the field of cellular telephone jamming, our continual investment in R&D not only reflects state-of-the-art technologies, but also guarantees the highest standards in quality and reliability. SESP LTD. has established and built up an impressive market for cell phone jamming equipment and other electronic products in more than 30 countries[...]


Страна: Франция
Район: Франция
Город: Roubaix
Улица: 78 boulevard du Général de Gaulle
Телефон: +33 3 20023220
Факс: +33 3 20023792
Firm Rank: 0
Who are we ? Our company specialises in the development of products for safer driving. Therefore, we use all the possible means to provide the European market with our expertise in terms of road safety. For that reason, it is very important for us to be very attentive to individual road users as well as professionals. Subsequently, No Nap develops efficient premium products that meet the multiple requirements of drivers these days. Our main job is the European wide distribution of safety products[...]