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UAB "Topkodas" more

Страна: Литва
Район: Литва
Город: Kaunas
Улица: Vetrunges st. 20
Телефон: +370 621 67590
Факс: +370 621 67590
Firm Rank: 0
We are manufacturing electronic equipment with such application areas: • Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages, boat and other premises; • Remote monitoring and control of premises via GSM network; • Access control. Gate/door control; • Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control; • GSM thermostat for premises and heating systems; • GSM thermometer; • Remote voice listening; • Receiving of Contact ID codes from the security control panel and[...]

Elektronines technologijos more

Страна: Литва
Район: Литва
Город: Siauliai
Улица: Tilzes str. 80a-1
Телефон: +370 41 522055
Факс: +370 41 522055
Firm Rank: 0
Private Joint-Stock Company "Elektronines Technologijos" has been performing successfully since 1998. Its basic directions are design and manufacturing of special purpose electronic equipment, software creation for single-crystal micro controllers. Main body of the company consists of highly qualified engineers - designers, who have acquired experience in professional sound and image equipment designing. Volumes of our projects range from comparatively simple analogous devices to microprocessor[...]


Страна: Литва
Район: Литва
Город: Vilnius
Улица: Savanoriu ave. 159A
Телефон: +370 698 22053
Firm Rank: 0
Company GUMITRA UAB is OTR, TBR, AGRI, PCR tyre distributor and offers full range premium, economy and budget brand tyres for supplye on long-term contracts as well as on spot basis. We offer radial and bias BELSHINA brand tyres: - Tyres for heavy duty dump trucks: 18.00-25, 21.00-33, 21.00-35, 24.00-35, 24.00R35, 45/65R45, 24.00-49, 27.00-49, 27.00R49, 31/90-49, 33.00-51, 33.00R51, 40.00-57, 46/90-57and others direct from the manufacturer JSC BELSHINA to the mining industry. - Tyres for road-building[...]